The Revival!

Hello everyone!

Dang it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to update this! It’s been quite the year. From moving to a new apartment, changing jobs, lots of crazy random pop ups it’s been an eventful year! I am super excited to be back and get this going again! I wanted to let you know there will be some things that will be changing. Jeremy and I have some awesome projects in the work and I will be re-launching the website; this will include going back and moving the posts from a year+ ago off the site to start fresh. It will be at a different domain [] as we make the transition :D. Other than that, nothing will change. It will still be us sharing our passion and love for MMOs and all things about them!

I hope you stick around to see all the awesome things we have in store for this site! I truly cannot express my level of excitement and I look forward to getting started!

Cheers! ❤